Zoe's Teddy Bear

Brian Raftery covers the amazing life of Ian Rogers:

Rogers shows me one of his favorite photos from his time with the Beasties: a picture of Yauch backstage, holding Zoe's teddy bear. Just a few weeks after we meet, Yauch will pass away at the age of 47, after suffering from salivary-gland cancer for almost three years. Rogers will fly to New York for the memorial service, and he'll spend the weeks following Yauch's death telling Julie random, suddenly remembered stories from his time with the Beastie - about their snowboarding trips, or how Yauch wanted to name their CD-ROM project Dingleberry Harvester.

I pulled a bit of a sentimental quote (for good reason) but there's a heap more to this story: a love of punk and skateboarding, early 90s web, the Beastie Boys, the music business in general, the digitisation of music, and a daughter. This is my life, well not really, but there's a lot of overlap. What got me more was, after working close to five years in music and technology, at Modular, and reading all the tech-music blogs, Rogers' name never came up. Topspin I knew of: obviously I wasn't reading from the prescribed text.