When Product Goes Meta

Paul Ford, writing for New York Magazine:

It used to be that web people "published websites" - like the site you're reading now. But today people who work on the web "manage products." I'm not sure when that changed, but clearly a memo went around. At one time, in the nineties, everyone was a "webmaster," then for a while they were "site editors" or "site managers" and now they're "product managers." A website - even one as simple as Twitter - is no longer a singular thing; it's a multitude of things from all over the place.

There's so many good quotes in this piece, it's silly. Where everyone else was crying the death of Instagram, Ford instead turned us on the product itself, threw in a couple of great movie references, then went for the jugular:

And so Facebook bought the thing that is hardest to fake. It bought sincerity.