We're Putting The Band Back Together

No, it's not the return of Newt, not yet anyhow.

On the way to the pub the other day, Frank asked me what I planned on doing with the site. As I was telling him pretty much the above I was also thinking about the fact that I've been writing and publishing online, on and off, since 2003. That's 10 years worth of something and a pretty sweet milestone. So that's what I'm going to do: pull together the last 10 years worth of writing, collate it all back using anything I've saved locally and the good old Wayback Machine. It's a beautiful thought, and at the moment a theory, but nonetheless it's given me and the site a sense of purpose that hasn't really been there this year. I haven't been lost per say, but when I'm linking more than I'm writing a certain sense of conflict starts to bubble away in my head and I do feel like I'm more directing traffic than doing burnouts on the highway.

And for those of you that didn't get the Blues Brothers reference I'll let you off with a warning.