Welcome To Success Theatre

Jenna Wortham, in the Bits Blog, on the maturing of social:

It's success theater, and we've mastered it. We've gotten better at it because it matters more. You never know who is looking or how it might affect your relationships and career down the road, and as a result, we have become more cautious about the version of ourselves that we present to each other and the world. Even Twitter, a service steeped in real-time and right-nowness, has added filters to its photo uploads, letting its users add a washed-out effect to their posts. It makes me miss the raw and unfiltered glimpses those services used to provide of the lives of my friends and the people I follow.

I am considering, from now on, referring to social media only as success theatre. Without a doubt the best description of what the Web has become, in the social sense, since, well, the whole social thing kicked in. We've become more cautious. This platform that allows us to say what we think has turned the mirror on us and now we're too worried about what other people think and how many likes and comments we'll get that we've gone into hiding from our true selves. Sanitising the input.

Wortham goes on to talk about Snapchat and Facebook Poke - services that allow for "self-destructing" information - allowing less forethought and possibly more rawness as the user knows that memory will last, as it should, in the mind of the viewer only. And whichever server it has been archived onto.