Washing Up

Glenn Kelman, on doing the dishes:

And that was it, the best advice I ever got, repeated every night for 70 nights. As a former chess-team captain and late-adolescent D&D player, I desperately needed to hear it. It wasn't nuanced or intellectual in the way I would have preferred; it was reptilian. But from that moment on, my whole professional future became the slow process of not being such a weenie.

Not that cleaning plates can necessarily make you a man, but more what a kitchen environment can teach you. I've always said that if someone would pay me $150k a year to wash plates I'd do it. For a while … but then I might get a little bored with it. My first ever job was scrubbing plates at Jazz Plus on George Street when I was 14 and 8 months. Barely legal. Maybe that's why I relate.

It's a dish washing thing.