Up Yours MAMP PRO (Or Maybe It Was Me?)

I was adding a new site to MAMP PRO the other night. A tiny little one-page HTML job that I look after for a friend. I added the new host, it told me it needed to reboot for the new site to take effect, then it flatlined like Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts in that movie from 1990. Quit and restarted. Nothing. Rebooted the computer. Nada. I did the usual: asked Google, got a hit on Stack Overflow, tried and tried again. I killed processes and renamed configuration files but from what I can tell MAMP PRO runs encapsulated in its own instance: you can't kill the individual MySQL process. (Please email me and tell me I'm wrong). I had recently upgraded my machine to Lion and found that MAMP didn't play well with virtual hosts so I decided to go PRO.

And you know what? I was using a hacked version. Yep - I didn't pay the lousy $50 AUD for a license. A developer or team of developers probably put a lot of work into that piece of software. It's simple, intuitive, and does what it's supposed to do (most of the time): serve database driven websites. And I had the nerve to buck the system. $50 has now cost me ten times that in billable hours rebuilding my local development environment.

For the record I purchased a license straight away. In fact I wrote this as my order was being processed "within the next 4 hours, but in no case will it take more than 24 hours." I'll reinstall, rebuild, and get going again. I'm prepared for it going all seppuku on me again as I understand these things happen. I might complain. Nothing will probably come of it. I might restore from backup. But at least this time round I'll know that I paid for somebody else's mistakes.

Fuck you, karma police.