The Web Is Dead And How To Save It

Anil Dash:

But they [social networks] haven't shown the web itself the respect and care it deserves, as a medium which has enabled them to succeed. And they've now narrowed the possibilities of the web for an entire generation of users who don't realize how much more innovative and meaningful their experience could be.

And how to save it:

Overall, there are lots of ways that the current generation of social sites are vulnerable. There are users that the current tech industry considers undesirable, and technology choices that are considered taboo, and traditions around hiring and product strategy that force them to concede huge opportunities right out of the gate.

I don't really have the brain capacity to get into this right now as I'm supposed to be spending time away online in general. But it's important and I wanted to get it in before we pop into 2013. A whole heap of great ideas they I want to embrace as, hopefully, the company moves into product development.