The Skateboarding Soundtrack Project

I'm going to keep this snappy as I'm planning on building this out. Basic premise: skateboarding soundtracks plus Spotify equals awesome. The deal: Spotify needs to have at least three quarters of the songs and I'll publish it. I'll hunt the tracks on iTunes as you can suck these into Spotify also. From there I'll fall back to good old YouTube. I'm starting older and getting newer. And I'll only talk about the tracks I can't find.

For the record I'm in Australia so there's a possibility other regions could have access to missing tracks (although we're talking about tunes going back to the late 80's).

I'm ripping soundtrack listings from Skatevideosite.

Blind: Video Days (1991)

"Just Like Heaven", covered amazingly by Dinosaur Jr., is missing from about everywhere. I actually have a rip of their second album, "You're Living All Over Me", which includes it as the last track but is missing from the original. Robert Smith is a fan, just because it rips.

Milk's, "The Knife Song", is a tough ask. Turns out Jeff Tremaine, of Jackass fame, fronted the band. Not even going to try and go there. Great tune.

Blind: Video Days on Spotify.

Plan B: Questionable (1992)

Either the Questionable soundtrack was a little more "commercial" or there's a big difference in terms of streaming between the year 1991 and 1992. I only have a sample size of two though so it's still early days. Although I said to myself I wasn't going to "review" soundtracks, Questionable brought the skaters in the films musical tastes' to the fore and, for that, we thank them.

Olivelawn's "College Volume Pedal" is nowhere to be found, except maybe on Grooveshark. Turns out Jack Endino produced one of their records.

Let's talk about 90's rap. Let's talk about Fu-Schnickens. "La Schmoove" is nowhere to be found, digitally, except maybe on YouTube. Their claim to fame: Shaquille O'Neal. Amazing clip by the way.

Plan B: Questionable on Spotify.