The Rise Of The Micro-Meme

Further to Julian's thoughts on the micro-memes currently doing the rounds - think Season Of Sneakers, The Awkward Lean, and @Yeah_Lad - these types of projects lend well to the web's, now, super-easy level of entry. What Twitter, but more to the point Tumblr have done is allow for smaller projects to be instantly deployed and readily digestible for the meme-hunters (aka cool kids) to scoop up and tip over. And the fact that Seasons Of Sneakers, for example, has given itself a finite lifespan shows an evolution towards a project based execution, or mentality if you will. The trick here is to weave these micro-memes into a larger narrative - if the kids figure it out then so what? The mobility, transportability, inherent subversiveness and short lifecycle of these projects are well placed to see them stick it to that now looking more like a dinosaur every day: the microsite.