'The Problem With iOS Developers'

"wast334" commenting on The Verge:

Marco is actually a part of the Apple cult along with Gruber and the rest of them. These guys have no idea what actual software development is actually like. For this you truly need to look beyond the closed box that is Objective-C, Cocoa, and look out into the world of real languages. These guys won't have the mindset to code natively in C/C++, for widely adopted frameworks such as .NET, utilizing modern languages like C#. They will not be able to write cross platform code using Java, and hence their inherent hate for Android (of course that is just a side reason for hating, we all know what the real reasons are).

Except that Marco Arment wrote the back-end code for a little old website called Tumblr that's doing around 15 billion page views a month. Would really like to see any enterprise .NET stack even come close to handling that sort of traffic.