The Media Are Jerks The World Over

David Carr, on the Media Decoder blog:

It is a sad fact of contemporary news media practice that the bodies have to be stacked for murder to be truly newsworthy. In America, about 15,000 people are murdered every year, but most of their deaths are noted deep inside the newspaper or at the end of the newscast, if at all.

We’re not immune to this sort of behaviour, case in point Seven News’ handling of the death of Molly Lord, not to mention their mismanagement of their own social media:

I am the mother of the beautiful Molly Lord who was killed on a quad bike last week. I would just like to let everyone know of the pain and harassment we suffered as a result of channel 7. A reporter was on our private property very soon after the accident and whilst Molly was still on the ground. He walked up to the house down to the stables anywhere looking for a story. I went outside at some point to go to her horse for some comfort when the channel 7 helicopter flew above me trying to get footage.