The Internet Can Be A Real Hell Hound

How did this happen again? The same way it usually does: invariably surfing Daring Fireball. I come upon a link to a post by Zach Holman where he talks about Shit Work. This is exactly the reason why I have a photo album on Facebook titled "Don't Make Me Categorise Things". Search was supposed to fix all of this. No more compartmentalising things. No more lists. No more folders, eight deep, that make sense only to its creator. As I dig around a little further I find a post on a product that he'd produced, named Facelette, with a quote that lends well to my current thinking in that with all the curation going on at the moment, where the hell are the creators? That and the reason, perhaps a little justification, as to why I am writing again.

When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. So create.

The original tweet is long gone and yes I did correct the punctuation and case. A quick search leads me to a Smashing Magazine article that seems thorough and drills pretty deep into the enigma that was why the lucky stiff aka Why aka _why. And I do remember coming across his Ruby programming book, Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, when I ever so briefly dabbled in Ruby (of the Rails flavour. If you want to for whatever reason learn how to program, in a heartbeat I'd tell you to start on Ruby). He was as much of an artist as he was a writer and a coder. The best coders I know are great writers. If you're a good writer I suggest you look into coding as it seems the tasks go hand in hand.

Why's output was fairly intense, a lot of code libraries, art, music, and words. Then he just goes up and "disappears" on or around 19 August 2009. He pulls his websites, kills his code repositories, and deletes his Twitter account. I get a sense from the article and bits and pieces that he was hounded out: kids were resolving IP addresses and deciphering mailing list headers. This is a coder we're talking about here, not a TMZ b-grade celebrity. Why did everyone want to, need to, know more? That's some really sad shit right there.

It seems on the Internet - this place where no one knows you're a dog - it needs to be proven you are a dog, lest we all get caught out and made to look like proper fools.