The Independent Web

Matt Mullenweg:

I worry about the independent web. I worry about the content creators, and I worry that if 100 percent of the distribution of everything starts to go through just a few websites, that kills the vibrancy.

It gets better. It gets scarier.

As things like Facebook's news feed become ever more ingrained in our lives, the knobs they turn are hugely influential. For a year now, I've said scripting is the new literacy. That's something I strongly believe. In Douglas Rushkoff's latest book, he talks about "program or be programmed." That is, if you're not in control of your inputs, you're not really in control of your outputs either. You're just a reactionary force.

Not only that but we're signing over our content, our memories, perhaps never to get them back. At least as an independent publisher you're in control of that. The thing is it still feels like an entry level blog or website is too much work. That and all the fish are in Facebook's pond. For now.