The Corporate Dress Cycle

I've been stepping in and out of corporate land - in my bong on the ground black Bart Simpson Wavves t-shirt no doubt - and it's rewinded me back to my financial services dress code days. The basic premise was this: they had a policy and I would outwardly smash it, day in, day out. At which point the emails would start circulating and my managers would start circling. The beauty of this, and the corporate world in general, was in its perfect cycle. 30 days, end to end. Week one was suit and tie. Week two, lose the tie. Week three lose the suit. By week four it was casual Friday, all day, every day. Cue email and manager. Rinse. Repeat. The Lion King had nothing on me.

If I ever end up there again, that's for the giant dice roller in the sky to figure out, so be it. But for the moment it's good to be on the outside, jeans and all, looking in.