The Bleeding Obvious

"It's not about putting up pretty content, but about maximizing the value of the eyeballs in front of that content," said Charlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group, a technology research firm. "There's a real opportunity for him at Yahoo, if they can take all this data and use it for advertisers."

I'm not much for punditry, not yet anyhow, but it's lines like these that will drive me to it. This totally smells of the idea of a push into a Google / Facebook ad serving platform except Yahoo! is neither. Can we stop "maximising eyeballs" and actually think about what we want to be?

"That, she noted, is in contrast to Google, which aggregates content from around the Web and concentrates its investment in technology, but does not spend money to create media content itself."

Except Yahoo! isn't Google.

Yahoo! have already screwed Delicious and might just stick a fork in Flickr. Which would be a shame. There needs to be a balance between "maximising eyeballs", investing (and believing) in technology products, and generating quality content. Or maybe not. If the beast has too many heads maybe it's time to start slicing them off. Though this isn't about the Lernaean Hydra, this is about quality responses. Which I may, or may not have, just delivered.