Thanks For The Shoulders

Stephen Hargrove:

Along the way, I looked to Daring Fireball,, and for design and "how the hell do I do this" inspiration and instruction. Standing on the shoulders of giants, if you will.

I like the idea of "standing on the shoulders of giants" - wish I'd made that call - especially when it comes to embracing the quote and referral. John Gruber, Marco Arment, and Brent Simmons have definitely set a standard. I'm also leaning on Jason Kottke and Dan Frommer's SplatF.

What I like about Frommer's approach is how he's used coloured headers to visually delineate "link posts" from his longer pieces of writing. In a way, the shorter hits are the Daring Fireball approach: grep article, process, agree and / or send them to the cleaners. But there needs to be commentary. Kottke uses the same method but the difference here, besides Gruber's dogmatic verbals, is their linking methodology. Gruber (and Frommer in his shorter posts) link out, while Kottke links in. It really doesn't matter to me that much but it has got me thinking. Only time (and my designer) will tell.