Skateboarding Needs To Regress

Jake Johnson, in an interview on Quartersnacks:

There are so many more people with their hand in sponsoring things, trying to get more exposure for skateboarding. The bottom line in skateboarding is that there was a message, whether we admitted it in the first few generations of skaters or not, that came from a bunch of rebellious young kids being creative and ambitious, trying to show an unfiltered perspective on a trife society that was holding us back from being creative and ambitious. They were in garages, building boards themselves and skating anything in their path. That's what brought so much attraction to skateboarding in the first place. The message had to do with breaking down societal standards, and destroying personal property. Now, it has almost turned against us, and that same message has been filtered out because so many people are attracted to it, and we're marketing it all to them. It's like 70% of the people you're marketing skateboarding to aren't actually skaters, so they don't get the message at all, and a lot of the skaters now don't understand either because they picked up skating with that filtered down message in tact. I don't think skateboarding is for everyone, I liked the era when you'd had slam sections to show people that. I think it's for everyone to appreciate, but it shouldn't be marketed to everybody as a sport that anybody could do.

Money ruins everything.

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