Skate And Create

Michael Burnett (I'm fairly certain), interviewing Jacob Rosenberg on his documentary, Waiting For Lighting, about skateboarder Danny Way:

People are misreading it if they took this in a negative way, but Mike Ternasky looked at skateboarding like a sport and an act of personal expression, like, "These guys are doing something incredible, so let's make it as incredible as possible." He had a knack for it. He was totally gifted. I watch Pat Duffy's part in Questionable, and the structure of that - Primus and everything - that was all Mike T 100 percent. […] Every skater learns how to be a failure, and then gets to experience the success and gratification of landing the trick. […] Everything that Danny has pioneered in skateboarding is an act of personal expression, which at its root is exactly what skateboarding is about. […] If an audience who doesn't really know anything about skateboarding watches this film, it should give them a level of appreciation that they've never had before for why people skate, how they skate, and what they do on a skateboard.

This is an extract from an interview in the June 2012 issue of Thrasher which, unfortunately, is unavailable online but well worth tracking down in physical form. It reminds me of an interview Matt Hensley did in Transworld Skateboarding, way back in the day, where he talked about the creativity and self-expression that comes with skateboarding, and how tough it was (and is) to convey to non-skate folk. It sounds like things haven't changed much with the general population, but at least the kids are still skating, and continue to push the envelope.