'Reverse Racism'

Joshua Davis, reporting for Wired:

In a six-paragraph rant, Cho went on to accuse Lee of inflating his IQ score and falsely claiming to be a top student in high school and college. Lee, he wrote, was even a screwup as a kid and got kicked out of middle school. "For the record, this is not jealousy," Cho added. "I have no reason to be jealous of an individual whom I obviously despise for his lack of candor."

Simmons didn't respond; she was baffled that her comment had provoked such vitriol. Three days later, Cho wrote again: "One more thing, Ms. Simmons. Great people of east Asia don't need you. We will own this century, and the next, and the next, until all non-Asians are essentially pounded to submission … Of course, it is the mission of thought leaders like myself who will propel what will be united Korea in the meantime."

I first heard the term reverse racism on that magical Australian program, A Current Affair, and thought they'd cooked up the term to explain discrimination against Anglo Saxon Australians. It turns out that the term is real, although formally known as reverse discrimination or affirmative action. It leaked into my head after reading Davis's report on the stalking, and subsequent destruction, of a very talented and creative Korean kid named Daniel Lee. The diatribe above comes from Lee's cousin, Seungmin Cho, who plays a big part in the sordid tale.