PayPal Is Toast

Sarah Lacy calls PayPal's demise, on Pando Daily:

Stripe not only raised another $20 million two months ago at a reported $500 million valuation, it's signing up big customers. Increasingly, it gets into massive companies – even ones you wouldn't think of as particularly developer heavy- the same way it did with NSFW - developers just go nuts over it and sneak it into new projects. Like most modern enterprise software apps, Stripe then tries to expand within these customers once it has a foothold. It has a staff of just 28 people and is already run on thousands of sites.

Sneaky, in the best possible way. I tried using PayPal's API back in the day and it was atrocious. In the end I went with a local product, which wasn't much better, but it worked. Sounds like things haven't changed much.

So here's to the new Trojan Horse: make good with the developers and seed your product in that way.