Offsetting Technology

Dave Pell, interviewed by Hamish McKenzie on Pando Daily:

After everybody went around and said what their problem was, the person moderating the group said, "Let's go around the table and people can talk about a solution they've found that's effective." As they went around the table, every single person's solution was another piece of technology. Some people used Evernote for better note-taking, some people had new email strategies so they could make their email more efficient.

So we're in this weird cycle now where we're being overwhelmed by technology and we're looking for a technological solution to that. Ultimately the solution for managing technology is going to be human. I don't think technology can solve its own downside itself.

The interview is actually about Pell's amazing newsletter, NextDraft, which he knocks out daily off the back of sifting through 50 to 60 websites. No mean feat. Naturally, they discussed human curation versus algorithmic sifting but as they got into it the idea of "information dieting" emerged.