Master Of None

James Aviaz, guest posting on Adspace Pioneers:

Growing up in Australia systematically breeds this instinct out of you. The real winners Down Under are the guys flying below the radar pretending they'd rather drink 15 beers than work on business strategy. And if anyone dares shine above the crowd - and HEAVEN FORBID BE PROUD OF IT - they'll be cut down like a tall poppy.

See the thing is, I probably drank those 15 beers. I pulled this quote out of context: Aviaz is actually talking about the Jack-Of-All-Trades dilema and how the whole idea of a "Slashie" is actually a minus in New York:

The most amazing people I've met have all been insanely determined to achieve something great. When you talk to them, you know exactly what they're about and what they want.

Focus. I wish I could be more like this with my writing, but with words, for me, it's more of a time constraint than trying to do too much of everything. See I don't write for a living; I make digital things.

This isn't about writing though, it's about Miles Davis:

These musicians didn't just show up and play some tunes. They spent years and years practicing and honing their respective crafts. They weren't all great at everything, but they were exceptional at their chosen instruments. These days we call it being T-shaped, but I think the point is simple: pick one or two instruments, and become really good at playing them through continuous learning and practice.

Jazz right? It always comes back to jazz.