Martha's Lunchbox

Jess Zimmerman, on Grist:

Martha Payne had some sad-ass lunches at her school in Scotland - unsatisfying food that sometimes had more hair than vegetables. So the 9-year-old decided to start a blog with photos and vital statistics about her meals. Almost immediately, the blog got international attention, including from prominent school lunch busybody Jamie Oliver. Result? Martha's dad just met with the local council, and it announced that kids could have unlimited salad, fruit, and bread.

I wish every 9-year-old kid in the world had a blog. Martha's writing is a blast:

Things don't always go right. I know this because I still fall off my bike, not often but it does happen when I am trying something really tricky. Today the menu ordering system was so confusing it went wrong. I ordered an enchilada but I got a sausage and bean pitta pocket. One pineapple ring didn't even make it to the table, I ate it on the way! Inside the pitta bread are baked beans and mini sausages. It's quite difficult to eat because it all falls out as you pick it up!

More like this please.