Lunch With René Redzepi

Rebecca Rose, in the Financial Times:

He still makes occasional trips to the outer reaches of Scandinavia to source ingredients and works with a botanist and an ever-growing team of foragers. The team also liaises with a biologist: "If I see something I haven't seen before, I just snap it and send it to her. That's the great thing about the iPhone," he tells me, taking his out of a pocket. "Also if I find a good spot somewhere for, say, wild horseradish, I can put a needle on the iPhone map to show where it is and I can send it to all the sous-chefs."

Still one of my favourite formats, duplicated plenty but never matched by the Pink Pages aka Financial Times. Redzepi has a great food philosophy, and, as you can see, he's also not adverse to geo-tagging his foraging exploits to send to his sous-chefs.