John Belushi Takes A Piss

Ned Zeman, writing in Vanity Fair, about the making of The Blues Brothers and the unmaking of "America's Guest" aka John Belushi:

A trip to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, boggles Landis. "Like being with Mussolini in Rome," he remembers. Belushi, having entered one of the stadium's crowded bathrooms, smiles and shouts, "O.K., stand back!" Everyone retreats from the urinals. Belushi does his business. Then, zipping his fly and beaming, he says, "O.K., back you go!"

There's a Scarface moment that's unbelievable. I can remember watching the film as a kid and not only having no understanding of drugs but also immune to the fact that Belushi was on them constantly throughout the film. The innocence of youth.