It's Not The Product, Stupid

Dustin Curtis:

Google+ is difficult design; it is not difficult engineering.

Take that Larry Page. Ever noticed how crap search is on Facebook? You probably haven't because you've never used it. The product has evolved without the need for it.

My point here is that "social" is a point of view from which to design products and not a "layer" that can be easily draped over existing, non-social products. The properties Google has already relaunched with social integration, including Reader and Search + Your World, are almost certainly worse versions of themselves than their predecessors. If you started with the Google+ philosophy and wanted to solve the problem of RSS in a socially-aware way, would you even build a separate product? Maybe. Or maybe not. That's the point. Evolving Reader into Reader + Social results - at best - in a mediocre experience of both worlds.

One of the best angles I've read on the "Google predicament" thus far. (Or even better, let's call it the "Bart Simpson conundrum: you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't).