It's 2012 And We're Generating Static Websites

So this thing is running on Jekyll now, powered by a couple of Unicorns. Hell, you can peruse the code, clone it, deploy, and mirror the whole thing if you want. It is 2012 after all.

Mind blowing to me is the fact that there's no database, no underlying CMS, no logins, no real application code from what I can see. A single gem rebuilds the site, when I ask I it, dumps everything into a public folder all neat an tidy like, and that's it. I run it locally to test my updates, push it to GitHub, then push it to Heroku. Yeah it's fiddly. Yeah I need to automate a few things to speed up post creation but that's possibly a good thing: I'm thinking more about words and metadata, less about post mass and volume. Bonus points for iA Writer becoming my best new favourite CMS.

category: word

It's time to rebuild your website and ditch that database for good.