Integrate This: The First Edition

The title is a work in progress. I had Shit On My Kindle but it may offend, is probably bad for SEO, and who knows what we'll be reading off in the next couple of years? Taking cues from Daring Fireball and the excellent Counterparties, it's a list of things that I've read and worth sharing. The first few editions will probably include a lot of older reads as I'm currently cleaning out my Instapaper list, but the idea is to keep it fresh.

Man writes awesome code book with sweet pictures, gets hounded on the internet, deletes everything - Smashing Magazine

Randy Reimann writes about his hardcore band from Farfield called Massappeal - Deaf Sparrow

Punctuation just got a whole lot more logical - Slate

Remember when zombies were just something that you killed with a shovel? - The New Yorker

On Douglas Coupland on Marshall McLuhan - The New York Times

Sean Parker can't help himself; maybe that's why he's so good - Vanity Fair

Here comes JavaScript - Richard Rodger