I Like To Dance

Alex MacCaw, quoting from a TED talk by Ken Robinson:

When she was at school, Gillian was often disruptive and couldn't sit still. The school wrote to her parents, and said she had a learning disorder. So her mother took her to this specialist to explore treatment options.

After this doctor had talked to her mother for twenty minutes, while Gillian sat patiently sitting on her hands, he told her to wait while he went outside to talk privately with her mother. As he left, he turned on the radio sitting on his desk.

When the pair were outside, the doctor turns to Gillian’s mother and says: 'watch her'. For as soon as they had left, the little girl was up and moving to the music. They watched for a few minutes, and eventually the doctor turned to her mother and said: "Mrs Lynne, your daughter isn't sick, she's a dancer. Take her to a dance school."

The little girl in the story, Gillian Lynne, went on to do amazing things. Heartwarmingly awesome.