HTML5's Not Flash

Stephanie Rieger:

So congratulations to all of us. It's 2012, HTML5 is awesome, and i'm surfing a PDF.

Just because browsers can now, natively, do all sorts of awesomely amazing animation, doesn't mean we have to kill the user experience. If you need to use an HTML5 loader then you're doing it wrong. And it can be done:

The first prototype was made with a few images and some JavaScript, just to prove that the browser could handle this type of manipulation. Freelance front-end developer Jeff Nusz was then tasked with turning this proof of concept into a working website. The brief was simple: no loading bar, and the first frame must load almost instantly. Furthermore, the website had to be usable even when the user doesn't wait for all of the images to download.

How about we focus on the end user, rather than climbing up the self-gratification pole?