Gone Archiving

The putting back together of Kripy is going a little slower than I had first envisioned, as much a lack of CMS thing, as checking links, rewriting, and reproofing stuff, thing. I've managed to smash through two iterations of Kripy databases, saving the mothership for last. It's really been a stack of linked stuff, so I haven't really gotten into the nitty gritty of my words. And a lot more of that will come once I begin dissecting everything that I wrote for the Psychic Boys Network.

What I'm hoping is that the last lot of posts, dating back to 2003, will click my head back into the crazy heights I know it can achieve, and I'll be able to leak that brain fluid out onto the page. It's definitely more of a time thing than a wanting thing, and I know we should never blame ourselves for being busy, but allowing my mind to jerk between work and play has gotten harder. I'm not making any pledges here, and I'm not going to drag my young daughter into this either.