Fuck, This American Life

Notice how a comma changes everything? I bought a punctuation book a little way back and it's completely changed my life. Well not really but it has got me thinking about punctuation. Again not really as I think about punctuation every time I write - I just never thought that I was ever good at punctuation. This is really going downhill fast. I know that my punctuation is okay I just never had benchmarked it against anything. Until now. The book is called "Type It Write". You should go get it as it just might change your life.

But this was never about punctuation.

This was about This American Life. And fucking it. Although I don't really want to go into how I've been sucked into this amazing radio program and how it's changed my life much like my punctuation book has. I'll save radio for another time.

A quote from an episode just gone by, So Crazy It Just Might Work, kind of blew my mind.

"Pancreatic cancer is his specialty and it's practicly invincible; harder to kill than any other cancers and it's so tough that chemo, which is poison, often barely works at all. Over the last 25 years the biggest treatment breakthrough only added about four months to a paitent's life."

I shouldn't need to tell you why.