Free As In Total Recall

Nate Weiner, developer of Pocket, the app formerly know as Read It Later:

It is hard to ask most people to pay for something they don't understand.

Which fired up Ben Brooks:

It is bad. In fact it's the worst business model in the world, short of paying someone to use your product/service. There is nothing good about a free business model, nothing.

On the back of a post by Federico Viticci:

Free can work when done right, but of course this isn't nearly as cool as writing blog posts with "LOL" in it.

Which prompted Ben Brooks to respond to his own post:

This lead to the normal argument of what "free" means. I say Facebook is not free because: ads distract and vie for attention, and Facebook uses your personal data for profit. The cost to the end user is not free because it is costing you attention and privacy - whether or not you accept that is up to you, but the cost is very real, if unseen. However, if free is simply what you have to pay monetarily to use something, then yes, it is free.

Nothing, is free these days. Except maybe for the air we breathe.