CP: Fresh Signals (With Pictures)

I've been a big fan of Coudal Partner's Fresh Signals since forever. We are talking about the days of Feed Demon and Google Reader (both RIP) here. But as life moved on and the unread count in Feedbin started to hit the 10,000 mark I knew something had to give. And I was determined that Fresh Signals was not going to be part of the cull.

Fresh Signals is a text only RSS feed which is both good and bad in the era of thumb-stopping content: there's no easy way to scan it. So in the interest of time management I hacked together some code that inserted an image into the feed as a reference to the post itself. And CP: Fresh Signals (With Pictures) was born.

The idea, and supporting code, is very rudimentary:

In no way to I want to detract from what Coudal Partners and Fresh Signals does. Straight up: I still subscribe to their feed. It was a fun hack and it gives me a visual representation of some of the finest links going round.