Binge Thinking

Janet Reitman in Rolling Stone:

Lohse was given the pledge name “Regina,” after the character in Mean Girls, in honor of his aggressive social climbing. During his seven-week pledge term, he and his fellow SAE pledges, known as “whale shits,” were on call to cater to the whims of the brothers. Most of the formal “hazing” was reserved for meetings and challenges: Pledges would be required to perform endless “quick sixes,” recite SAE’s creed, “The True Gentleman,” while lying in a kiddie pool full of ice, or take shots of mystery alcohol while being quizzed on arcane fraternity lore. (This same ritual, with the addition of tying the pledge’s hands and feet with zip ties, led to the death of Cornell sophomore George Desdunes, the SAE pledge who died last February.) There were also “milk meetings,” where pledges were asked to chug a gallon of milk in 20 minutes, which always resulted in plentiful booting. “You get points for how many times you booted on other people,” says Lohse, who adds that the pledge trainers kept count while they sat on large throne-like chairs in a basement room. One brother recalls the night some of the pledges were served a scramble of vomit and eggs, known as a “vomlet.”