Attribute This!

What we are doing is sharing - posting, linking and blogging somebody else's hard work. It is not our content, we didn't create it, we don't own it and we certainly don't have any rights over it just because we think we found it first. We are not 5 year olds in the playground, it's not finders keepers.

I "curated" this quote from a post about The Curator's Code which was tweeted by some guy who pulled it from the RSS feed of this chick who saw it on Facebook and posted it on her Tumblr which in some roundabout way turned out to be written by the brother of the original tweeter and posted on his blog. Silly right?

In its current form - and there have been a few now - Kripy is all about the link, pull, response. The headers link straight out (including the RSS feed) with the idea being to refer traffic. I don't feel there's a need to attribute; as long as we're all driving traffic to the good and important stuff, that endpoint is the winner.