Adam Sadowsky Against The Machine

Director Adam Sadowsky talks about that Rube Goldberg machine:

"Okay. So, just some statistics about, sort of, what we went through in the process. The machine itself has 89 distinct interactions. It took us 85 takes to get it on film to our satisfaction. Of those 85 takes, only three actually successfully completed their run. We destroyed two pianos and 10 televisions in the process. We went to Home Depot well over a hundred times. And we lost one high-heeled shoe when one of our engineers, Heather Knight, left her high-heeled shoe - after a nice dinner, and returned back to the build - and left it in a pile of stuff. And another engineer thought, "Well, that would be a really good thing to use." And ended up using it as a really nice trigger. And it's actually in the machine."