Finally: human-readable iOS code.

FiveThirtyEight versus the World (Cup).

"Tim got dropped for Mark. But then Mark's pelvis shattered, And Tim was back in."

Young Blood Old Shot

Dong Nguyen was a child of Nintendo, so how about we leave it at that?

"If BBM was the first mobile messenger, WhatsApp was the second."

Washington Dunks On Kim Jong Un

This poker player.

As if I didn't have enough to read already.

Chi Hung Cheung Kenya

Julius Von Bismarck Punishment I

I Want My Hat Back

First Chaos Monkey, now robots writing scripts. Next?

How do you douche?

Feedbin one year in, my newly appointed RSS backbone of choice.

The abandoned bicycles of New York City.

Young punks turning over a million a month on Twitter.

The craziest graph you'll see all week.

Sailor Tattoo Virginia

By horrible people I hope he includes elephant murderers.

Life hack, anyone?

Farming just got a whole lot more interesting.

These kids have built a way super-smart platform.

Julian Gilbert Israel 2013


Neckface Drinking

There's just something about Calvin and Hobbes.

In terms of playability, this is kind of genius.

The Skywhale

Venus Moon

Chicken Mania

Terminator anyone?

Street Noise

I am a bad software developer and this is my life.

I don't really know where I'm going with this.

43Magazine_003 034

Frank Sinatra Rider

Jamie Jones Process

My Burton backpack is 15 years old this year and I felt I needed to say something about it.